Company’s coming, its time to clean!

There is nothing like impending company to light the spark of motivation for getting a home clean. However, we don’t always have a lot of time to do the thorough cleaning we would like. Try these tricks and tips for clearing through the clutter quickly.

* Make a list and prioritize: The rooms that will be most visible while company is over are the ones that should taken care of first and foremost. These likely include the entryway, living room, kitchen and guest bath.

* Focus energy on the guest bath: A guest bathroom or a first-floor powder room will be frequented by guests. Spend a good deal of your time making sure it sparkles. Few people want to make use of a dirty bathroom. Ensure there is fresh toilet tissue and that the soap dispenser is full of
hand soap. Place a few fresh towels on a hook. Wipe down the mirror, sink, floor, and toilet thoroughly. And don’t forget to lift up the toilet rim to scour hidden stains. Afterward, empty the trash pail and spray a little air freshener.

* Concentrate on the kitchen: The dishwasher can be a good place to hide dishes that may have piled up until you’re ready to run the load. Also, clear off the counter and empty the trash in the kitchen so everything is tidy and fresh. You may also want to put on a new tablecloth if the older one is stained or full of crumbs.

* Do a once-over: After you’ve cleaned and relaxed, walk through the rooms and spotcheck some items you may have missed. Remember, you’re more likely to notice things that are out of place. Guests won’t notice all of the miniscule things you observe.

* Check the air: Leave the home and come back in to see if there are any offensive odors. Fabric refresher sprays or a mild air freshener can take care of them. Keep a subtly scented candle lit for ambiance and to keep the air smelling nice.

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